Well, most everything is packed, still have stuff laying about that I’m sure needs to be packed, but oh well.  Thursday is going to go to the dump day and get banking stuff done so I have my “move-in” money in my hot, not-so-little hand on Sunday when I arrive at my new temporary home/apt in Prescott.  At move in, apparently many property managers will only take cash or a money order for the first month’s rent and all the deposits.  Been awhile since I’ve rented, so I’m sure that will be an adventure.   I’m just hoping my house sells and I can find something out there that I can 1) afford and 2) like. 

Friday I get the Uhaul and will start loading it up and will hopefully finish loading up on Saturday.  Then I depart ABQ and arrive in Prescott on Sunday and will start unloading stuff.  Hopefully I’ll finish unloading Monday, ‘cuz I hafta return the Uhaul on Monday – yay!

Then I’ll have a week to unpack and sorta get my bearings before reporting to the new job. Exciting stuff! Hope it all goes half as smooth as it sounds, LOL. I wasn’t even “approved” for this apt. until just a couple hours ago, hence the Panic Mode, but that is waning now that I know for sure I have a place to move into and I’m settling back into just “Freaked Out” mode.   I still have to call all the Prescott utils tomorrow and get everything hooked up, of course they probably won’t do that on a Sunday, so I’ll either have to wait until Monday to actually plug anything in and have it work or have them do the hookups on Friday, but it’s probably too short notice for that – FUN!

Hope y’all are doin’ a spot more relaxed than I… Enjoy!