Play Hellgate! LOL!  My DSL service was interrupted the other day for a considerable amount of time while Qwest was out working on their various boxes around the corner from my neighborhood (there’s like 4 green metal “boxes” nearly the size of Volkswagen’s over there).  Anyways, during the “down-time” I rediscovered the single-player mode of Hellgate, which I must say I very much enjoyed.

It was great to jump in and start blowing things up or cutting them to shreds.  Still, it reminded me of a couple game mechanics that are oh so ’90s – like no way to re-spec or transfer loot between characters. Ugh – it’s been over 10-years since such outmoded mechanics started disappearing from the gaming scene and Good Riddance!  Too bad the devs at Flagship didn’t catch the clue there.  Their ex-bliz-coworkers over at Guild Wars totally bested them there.

Even with such glaring and annoying flaws, the game is still quite fun to play. So I’ll probably fiddle around with it a bit more and see if I can’t get at least one of my single-player characters up to “Nightmare” mode like I did my online characters before I cancelled that account.