My first crocuses started blooming today.  I was beginning to wonder if the daffodils were going to beat them, since they’ve been forming buds over the past few days, then BAM! out pop the crocus blooms, hehe.  That means I’ve got a TON of work to get done in the garden this coming week.  I still have to chop down all the dead flowers, vines, etc. from last season and prep the flower beds for this coming season.  I’ll probably leave the pond prep for a couple more weeks, cuz that’s just a pain in the ass, but we’ll see.

In gaming news, not a whole ton going on, with all of the work I’ve been putting in both at home and at work, I just haven’t had much time for anything.  Besides, I’m still reading the “Wheel of Time” series, I think I’m up to the fourth book “Darkness Rising” or something like that.  I’m almost done with that one, so I’ll probably be in Book Five by the end of the weekend. I have been logging in to LotRO every couple days to mess around with a few of my characters, usually my Lore-Master, Hunter, and Guardian get at least a couple hours of play per week.

I’ve sort of been looking around the Western US for a place to eventually call home when I finally retire. So far I’m liking Page, AZ the best.  It’s close to family, but not too close. The climate appears to be similar to what I’m used to in Albuquerque (USDA Zone 7). And it’s near the greatest “Canyon Country” in the world – Bryce, Zions, Grand. But being such a tiny town, there really isn’t much work to be had there, especially for an IT kinda job, so it’ll have to wait for retirement or a PowerBall win, whichever comes first, LOL!

Hope Spring comes for the rest of you folks soon, enjoy!