It was warm enough here to work out in the yard in a tee shirt today.  Mostly was doing some “Spring Cleaning,” raking up dead stuff and removing the old soaker hoses, etc.  Noticed that my daffodils are already a couple inches up and the crocus will probably start blooming by next weekend.  Most of the shruby herbs (rosemary, lavender, thyme) look very healthy.  It looks like the growing season is starting off very well.  I really need to get out there and dig up some of the flower gardens and get them re-seeded for this year.  I’ve got all of my new soakers and drip-lines, just need to find the time to get them laid and set-up.  Hopefully I’ll get that done next weekend.

I noticed that I have a beehive up in the eaves of my house, dunno how I’m gonna get rid of those buggers – it’s honey-bees and after doing some net-research it sounds like it could be quite messy and expensive to get them outta there – bleh.  I even called a couple local beekeepers and they both referred me to exterminators – I thought there was some kind of bee shortage, but they weren’t interested at all. I think my next step will be to go up into the attic/crawlspace and see if the hive is actually inside the roof, or if it’s just in the eaves – I’m really hoping their NOT in the attic area, then it could be extremely messy to clean up… ugh!

Both of my small ponds are still iced-over, but there were some small pools of water on top of the ice today, so it probably won’t last another week.  That will probably be another weekend project – cleaning them out is always fun – NOT, lol.

Gaming has come to a standstill lately, either I’m working on job related stuff or I’ve been trying to take care of projects around the house, and I’ve also been reading “The Wheel of Time” series of books – just finished the 2nd book (The Great Hunt) and started the 3rd (Dragon Reborn) this weekend.  That’s been a nice diversion.  I think after this one I’ll read some philosophy or at least some non-fiction stuff… I think I have at least two shelves worth of books waiting to be read – Oy!

Enough prattling, hope y’all are havin’ fun – Enjoy!