Man, what a couple weeks it’s been!  Been working on a big project for work that’s kind of my “6-mo. review” kind of project, so I’ve been working 10-15 hours a day, including weekends to try and get it done and “polished” in time for delivery, and I think I’ll make it, we’ll see.  The last time I talked w/ my boss though I could definitely sense a fever of anxiety as to whether he thought I could pull it off in time or not, and to be honest I wasn’t too sure myself at the time – OY!  Been a stressful couple of weeks. 

 However, I have taken a few moments here and there to at least login to EVE and make sure my character’s are progressing along their chosen training paths. Marko is able to use his Mining Foreman Link, however I think he’ll have to unfit all of his high-slots in order to power its massive CPU load. Ugh.  Oh well, he’s now finishing up his drone interfacing training – then onto his other basics like Engineering and Electronics, and finally back to Gunnery.

Orobas, the miner is going to take awhile yet to get into his Hulk, he’s got everything except Mining Barge 5, which is still at least 2-weeks away or so. By that time, maybe Marko will have enough basic skillz up to Level 5 where he can mount a few other toys besides his Foreman Link… We’ll See.

I’m also missing my time in LotRO somewhat, hopefully I’ll get some quality gaming time in by next week (crossing-fingers).  I’ve been learning TONS of stuff from this work project, but man, I miss my free-time! LOL. And with spring quickly approaching here in the Albuquerque area – and my being a gardening freak, I’m afraid my gaming time might just evaporate away with the melting snow 😦   

Oh well, enough griping, hope Mardi-Gras and Chinese New-Year are finding y’all in good health and spirits!  Game On!