Oy, I can’t believe January is already done with.  It’s been a hectic month for me at work so I haven’t been gaming nor blogging nearly as much as I would’ve liked to.  Been burning the midnight oil (and beyond) for a couple weeks now  trying to get a project ready for “prime-time” by next week – no fun!

In the gaming arena, I re-subscribed my EVE accounts – mainly to get my mining ‘toon into a Hulk, and my military ‘toon up to a point where he can use mining foreman links.  I should have both of those goals within two weeks, I think.  I really should dust the cobwebs off of EVE-Mon to see how long it’s really going to take, LOL. 

I’m also logging into LotRO once in awhile, mainly leveling an alt there – an Elf Guardian who also happens to be a Metalsmith.  Things seem to be going very well with that toon, and I’ve really been enjoying playing him more than my Lore-Master.  Whether that’s due to the lower levels being more fun, or the mid-to-upper 30’s being a pain I’m not sure.  It’ll be interesting to see if I still think the guardian is a fun toon by the time he approaches my Loremaster’s level. Only time will tell.

On the blogging side of the house, my article about Hellgate London’s mini-game from way back at the beginning of last November is still getting the most hits-per-day.  My “Top-5” posts for the month ended up being a mess because so many pages had the same (low) number of hits:

Kinda sad numbers, but better than zero I guess, LOL. For the future, I’ve got two articles that keep cropping up in the back of my head and I’ve already started the drafts for, but I just haven’t had the time to flesh them out properly.  One is a “how-to” style article about setting up an intranet accessible jukebox via web interface.  I coded one of these on my own home web-server and use it every day – it’s AWESOME, and I think other people would enjoy it as well.  The other article is more philosophical concerning what it means to be a “Spiritual Atheist.” 

Of course I’ll also keep posting about my adventures in gaming and other trivia as situations and thoughts strike me as interesting to ponder. If the numbers stay low, maybe next month instead of doing a “Top-5” list, I’ll just note pages that were hit at least 10 times – that would’ve shortened this month’s list down to three, and two of those were tied for second – AND more than 100 hits off of the top post, LOL!  Guess that’s it for now, Enjoy!