Oy, I can’t believe I re-subscribed to EVE Online, hehe, and to do mining of all things – LOL!  Honestly though, I went right into mining because that’s how I left all my rigs set-up and it’s familiar territory to get me back into the game. So I’m dual-boxing as well, here’s what I’ve got for a set-up so far:

Main “Miner” is Orobas, Amarr/Ni-Kunni

Retriever Mining Barge w/ 2 Strip-Miner II’s, Cap Battery I, and 2 Co-Processor I’s, and 5 HobGob’s

This guy’s main training is in Industry with: Industry-5, Mining-5, and Refining-5

He’s also trained pretty far up the Caldari ship line ‘cuz at the time I believed they had better mining ships than the Amarr had – mainly I wanted to get him into the Osprey while he was training up his industrial skills. Currently he’s training to pilot a Covetor, or more likely just go for a Hulk – but he’s got a ways to go as he only has Mining Barge 3 and needs to get to 5 – ugh. He’ll probably get that before Marko gets to Mining Director, we’ll see. He’s paired up with Marko,  my first EVE character who’s all over the map in training, but I think I’m starting to focus him a bit better now:

Guardian/Hauler: Markosias, Minmatar/Sebiestor

Maelstrom: 7 Miner II’s, 1 Tractor Beam, 2 Large Sheild Extender I’s, 1 Medium Sheild Extender I, 1 100MN AB II, 1 Cap Recharger II, 1 Langour Drive Disruptor I (Web), 3 Co-Processor I’s, 2 Mining Laser Upgrade I’s, and 5 Valkyries. 

This guy’s training is all over the place, but he does have Mining Foreman 5, and is working on Leadership 5,  and then on to Mining Director in order to use Mining Link hardware.  He also pilots a Mammoth hauler when we’re done stripping a belt. Orobas can pilot a Badger II if needed as well…

Marko started out pure military for mission running, but then some of my buds started mining and he started running protection for them, after a bit they got enough training into drones that they didn’t need protection anymore, but they were in desperate need of hauling, so he started down the hauler training tree.  Not too long after that, most of those guys stopped playing EVE so that’s when I started the second account, purely for mining and knowing that it was going to be a mining account.

I’m easily clearing 5mil/hr in ISK, so I should be able to afford that Hulk without any probslems by the time I get the training up there for it. One of these days I’ll have to re-fit that maelstrom for mission running, but we’ll see…