A couple days ago I wrote about my perfect techie gadget, but I’ve also wondered why computer mice are so awful.  I hate them. Mainly because every single one is made of plastic.

You see, I work on the computer all day long and then I game all night, so the mouse is always “in palm.”  And being non-breathable plastic it makes my palm sweat. Disgusting, I know, but there’s such a simple solution.  Rough up that plastic a bit so there are air spaces between the skin and the plastic, or poke holes in there, or just make the mouse out of something besides plastic, like natural wood (not finished/sealed to a shiny smoothness, or else you’re just defeating the entire purpose), or better yet non-glazed “rough” ceramic (which would have two benefits – heat dispersion and keeping the palm aerated). Anything but solid plastic.  Or maybe someone should just start making disposable, sweat-absorbing mouse covers. Currently I’ve been using paper-towels.  Oh well, guess I’m just one of the weird ones, I don’t often hear peeps complaining about sweaty mice, LOL.

The big problem with making an absorbent mouse is that it would get dirty pretty quickly, so it would be nice if you could just pop off the cover and throw it in the dish-washer or something that’s going to sterilize it.  Anyways, I guess it’s nice to dream about such perfect things… (come on Logitech, I know you can do this!)