I’ve run into two level ranges that are really quite frustrating in Lord of the Rings Online.  The first was in the early 20’s where coin was extremely hard to come by – but you can level through this stretch pretty quickly by doing all the quests in the Lone-Lands and moving into North Downs. After about level 25, I’ve never had serious coin issues since.

The other is where Marchosias is right now – mid to late 30’s (35-38).  Most of the quests I’ve found for this level range are severely mis-labelled.  Many of the quests con blue or light-blue to me and are not tagged as being “fellowship quests.” But when I get to the quest location the mobs con white and yellow and often pull/attack in groups of three or more and they call friends or the area is so over-saturated with mobs that you get proximity adds – UGH! And if by some miracle you survive, by the time you get midway through your second set of mobs, the first set are starting to re-spawn, DOUBLE-UGH!

Supposedly there are some big changes coming to the Angmar region with “Book 12,” which has similar problems from what I hear, but really the whole 35+ areas of the game need a hard review to make them a bit more manageable for players.  I think I died at least 5 times the other day trying to do a dumb “light-blue” quest (where you have to get that damn Lily in the Trollshaws for whats-his-name’s gift for a girl, who eventually spurns him anyways – whatta bitch! LOL).

I tried moving back to Evendim(aka Everswim – where the hell are the boats for this damn lake?!).  And died a few more times for good measure on another “light-blue” quest where the mobs conned white and yellow – you have to find the body of some dude surrounded by so many bears that you wonder how they keep from eating their young. 

I was ready to cancel the account at that point I was so ticked.  I’ve slept since then, so I’ll see how it goes for the rest of the week.  I’m hoping I can find an area to successfully game, we’ll see.  The “rush to market” petticoats are beginning to show, but hopefully Turbine will notice and smooth out their skirt like a good girl should.