LotRO seems to be going quite well.  Our group is all in their 30’s, although we just got one of our old guildies to sign up this week, so we’ll have some PL’ing to do or maybe we’ll get our alts out or something. But all-in-all it’s been going well.  The lack of coin seems to be going away, however there will definitely be a “BIG-HIT” to the pocket-book when we buy our horses.  I hear they’re over 4 gold, and I’ve just barely got 2 gold – and I’m lvl-33; you can buy a horse at 35, hmmm…

I’ve also succumbed to alt-o-holic-ness in LotRO and  have all five of my character slots taken.  I did learn from some crafting site that you only need 4 of the vocations in order to cover all of your crafting bases: Historian (Scholar, Farmer, Weaponsmith), Woodsman (Forester, Woodworking, Farmer), Tinker (Jeweler, Prospector, Cook), and Armorer (Metalsmith, Prospector, Tailor). For my fifth character I went for the materials gathering Explorer (Forester, Prospector, Tailor). So here’s how my characters ended up:

  1. Marchosias     Lore-Master     Historian
  2. Barbatos         Minstrel             Woodsman
  3. Sitro                Burglar               Tinker
  4. Sabnach          Guardiam          Armourer
  5. Laurahay        Hunter               Explorer

Marchosias is my “main” (of course) at level 33 or so, and the others are all about even – around level 15-20. The Hunter is probably getting the 2nd most playtime. On another server I tried out a Captain and just couldln’t deal with all the yelling/noise. And I tried out a Champion as well, but I really didn’t like having to chase down mobs that always seem to run away when they’re near death as they try to BaF (Bring a Friend) – very aggravating. At least with my Guardian I can usually stun them when they’re getting low on health and then finish them off.

Anyways, guess that’s all for this editions updates – hope your New Year is fantastic so far, and let’s make Oh-Eight Great! 😛