As the holidays quickly approach I’m desperately trying to get things all wrapped up before heading to my folks house for Christmas. I -finally- got my cell modem working yesterday.  An XP service that monitors your modem connections had been disabled for some reason, but as soon as I got that turned back on, everything started working. I still haven’t upgraded my DSL to the 7Mbps so I don’t think I’ll be using my webified jukebox while I’m on the road. Darn…

I watched the new EVE online trailer demo’ing their “Trinity” graphics upgrade and I’m tempted to activate my account there, at least long enough to update my gallery screenshots. Plus I’m curious to see if they just tinted everything blue, lol. Or just made things much more reflective than they used to be.  

In LotRO, our group of gamers finally got invited to another friend’s “Kinship” (aka: guild). So that was nice, now I’ve got to go register on their web-page and do the intro thing and all that, but they came highly recommended and they’ve been around since LotRO’s “beta-days,” so that bodes well.  My Lore-Master made it up to Level 27 last night and I’m hoping to get him to 30 before I leave on my holiday travels. We’ll see how that goes.

I also discovered a really beautiful place known as Nen Harn – a very scenic lake up in the NE corner of Bree-Land.  I just happened to be wandering around aimlessly when I came upon it and, Wow! What a view, I love that place. I want to build a cabin there on the lake and live there!  Again it made me wish that fishing was a part of the game – lazing along the Brandywine makes me want to fish as well.  I’ve added some pics to the ScreenShots page for your perusal. OY, I have to re-vamp that page someday…

I also wanted to add that I seem to just be getting over the lack of coin problem in LotRo. But the only effective way to really get over that hump in your 20’s is to stop crafting, or only craft stuff you know will sell for a good markup on the auction house. Otherwise you’re just going to craft yourself into a coinage deficit – not good. The other day I had nearly 1000 Silver and was so proud of myself, then I started working on my Scholar crafting and before I knew it I was down to less than 100 silver – Yikes! Now I’m a bit more careful, and as a scholar I mainly concentrate on potions, since they seem to sell the best on the AH. I already made Grand-Master Gardener, if you have all of the appropriate (non-store-bought) pipe-weed seeds, you actually make money grinding up that skill, even just selling to NPC Vendors, so that was nice and easy.

Not much else going on but if I don’t post here before hand, I hope y’all have Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!