Lord of the Rings Online is one of the better MMO’s I’ve played in a long time. However as my character grows I’m starting to notice a few annoying things that would be super simple to remedy.

  1. Uniform “taxi-horse” pricing.  Either 5 silver or free, across the board.  Those 15 Silver rides are damn expensive and often hinge upon questions like “If I buy this 15 silver ride, will I be able to afford my next training session?”  Not good…
  2. Low-Level Mounts.  For example, DAoC offered a FREE simple mount at level 10 (via quest reward), just to help alleviate the running all over the realm problem. (heck they even reduced their already trivial 5 silver “taxi horse” – equiv to 5 copper in LotRO currency  – to FREE)
  3. More mid-high level quests.  Once you get into your early to mid-twenties, the quest pool that had previously been somewhat over saturated seems to significantly dry up.  I suspect this might be illusory since the quests are just much more spread out (?), so having an early mount or cheaper, more long-distance taxi mounts might help to dispel this possible illusion. OR if it’s not an illusion and there really aren’t as many quests, by all means add more.
  4. Re-spawn timers are strange.  I’ve noticed that some quest objectives take an inordinately LONG time to re-spawn (burying the bodies around Archet, Dwarf Banners in Lone Lands, etc.), and at other times MOB re-spaws seem way too quick, esp. if you’re trying to solo your way through an area (Spider burrow near Archet, Brigand stronghold near the Lumber Camp in Bree-Land, heck that whole forest area East of  Combe is just a pain in the butt sometimes – Lone Lands seems to have a much better MOB density model than Bree-Land).

Not really any huge gripes here, basically they’re all about time. Maximizing more in-game “fun-time” while minimizing the “annoying time” travelling around, waiting for quest objectives to re-spawn, or killing the umpteenth MOB that keeps re-spawing on your ass ‘cuz you’re being careful (slow) as you solo your way through an area.  

I’m still in the newbie phase of the game, so hopefully those horse rides that seem extraordinarily expensive now won’t seem so painful later on. And maybe the MOB density will even out somewhat, as I indicated, Lone Lands seems about right… It still would be nice to have some kind of basic mount available and for quest objectives to be on fast re-spawn timers – esp. if they’re just static objects like packs, banners, dead bodies, chests, etc.