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Hmm – Well I goofed up the image for the Ace of Hearts, not exactly sure what happened there, but you get the idea – now on to the translation 🙂  :


of the cards:



Ace of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents the home, the couple, or the family. In addition, it declares new loves or strong relations in the future.

The Letter Z
: Organization, Power, Inspiration

Floral Arrangement: Emerging rosebud, banana, boxwood
Interpretation: Here is a period that seems neutral, because nothing interesting is happening. It’s the humdrum of daily living. Take this opportunity to reassess yourself.

Large Subject: Danaus is surrounded by his fifty daughters, the Danaides.
Interpretation: This card symbolizes the home, family, or a family reunion. It indicates that certain events will happen at your home. If, however, you are looking for a home, this card will help you.

Bottom Right Subject: The interior of a church, where the faithful pray.
Interpretation: Even if your mother has influence over you, you can say that you have created a very solid family. Peace and serenity are emanating in extremely simple ways.

Bottom Left Subject: A censer burning incense.
Interpretation: Your family truly seems very disjointed right now. Confusion reigns between different parties. The atmosphere is not light, but instead consists of quarrels. Now is the time to find out why.

Constellation: The Milky Way
Interpretation: It brings a happy event.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Danaus has the power to make peace, joy, and happiness around him. The card often brings good news about the family concerning births or marriage. It is not uncommon to enable reconciliation within family conflicts.

Two of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents quite simply two hearts united. Additionally it brings equilibrium and harmony between couples or partner.

The Letter Y
Independence, Sensibility, Discretion

Floral Arrangement: Hyacinth, Double Violet, Sea Weed [or Ficus/Rubber Tree]
Interpretation: You can be proud of yourself and look straight ahead because you have done well to follow your own path without being drawn aside by tempting offers.

[Note the last flower is listed as ‘fucus’ – which is a type of sea weed, but it may just be a misspelling of ficus, which could be one of many types of fig tree; ficus, fiddle leaf, rubber tree, etc.]

Large Subject: A covey of partridge in a meadow is stopped by a dog.
Interpretation: This card represents disinterest. Often it means fidelity for either a man or a woman. If you have plans with others, everything will be in your favor and you will succeed in achieving your goals.

Bottom Right Subject: A jet of water in a fountain.
Interpretation: This is not the time to give in to weakness. Do not allow yourself to be overly influenced by the judgment of others. All of the maneuvers around you are essentially being made to flatter you.

Bottom Left Subject: A hermit sits in front of his hut.
Interpretation: You are firm in your decisions and convictions. Flattery has no hold over you. The least one can say is that you are incorruptible. Your integrity in your view is something very important.

Constellation: Bootes [The Herdsman]
Interpretation: Gratitude and sincerity.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Throughout time, the image of the dog always represents fidelity. So it helps to give you peace and serenity. This will allow you to moderately adjust to your problems without upset, and remaining calm. This serenity allows you to rediscover yourself.

Three of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents a creative project. It can also mean a relationship that could lead to creativity or positive associations.

The Letter F: Responsibility, Adaptation, Amiability

Floral Arrangement: Elderflower, Bay Laurel, and Papyrus
Interpretation: Former enemies seek to become friends. What a turnaround! Obstacles and difficulties give way to great hopes.

Large Subject: A baboon holding a roll of paper, writes with the aid of a stick.
Interpretation: Considered the best in the deck, this card cancels bad prognostics and considerably augments the good. It brings immense occult and spiritual protection, not to mention the inspiration it provides.

Bottom Right Subject: A young knight before a burning branch of laurel.
Interpretation: Opportunity is knocking at your door. Your quality will be put forward and you will obtain the rewards. You will benefit from a prosperous time which allows you to shine in your chosen field.

Bottom Left Subject: A young man looks at a sundial, part of which is in the shade.
Interpretation: You are surely dismayed to sit in the shadows, despite your qualities. You just have to wait a little longer because in a short while, opportunity will come knocking on your door. But in the meantime, be a little patient.

Constellation: Pegasus
Interpretation: Liberty and Independence

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like the baboon, intelligently and calmly analyze every situation, so you can in all moderation make a decision without being premature. In any event, this card indicates that you need to take time to study all the facts with logic.

Four of Hearts [ Group: The Zodiac ]

This card represents difficult decisions to be made in business, personal, or financial respects. Do not rush to make your decisions.

The Letter P
: Emotions, Amiability, Adaptation

Floral Arrangement: Safflower, Pondweed, Bulrush
Interpretation: After throwing a tantrum you may find it necessary to restore order to your affairs. This reorganization is needed anyway.

Large Subject: Venus and Amour pass by in the Euphrates on the backs of dolphins.
Interpretation: This card represents adultery. In personal matters, you should not make a hasty decision. Lightning bolts are often just flashes in the pan. On the professional level, beware of bad advice.

Bottom Right Subject: A sentry standing guard in front of a ship.
Interpretation: Your companions have an unfortunate tendency to support those who can get you in trouble. Know this and do what is needed to avoid being disturbed in your affairs.

Bottom Left Subject: A man on the arm of a woman gives a secret letter to another woman.
Interpretation: You are disturbed that your personal life is not simple. You will need to make a choice between two women, be careful not to find yourself alone if you cannot make a choice.

Constellation: Cygnus
Interpretation: Inconsiderate and aggressive acts.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Venus and Amour, your personal life is troubled. Passion no longer lives. Remember to take a step back, or no reflection will be possible and this would lead you to more troubles.

Ok, sorry for not posting for nearly a month, but I’ve been busy trying to re-do my website and set up a new YouTube account, trying to get more translation done on the Grand Lenormand, and of course the regular day-to-day stuff, like work 😛

Anyways, I hope to have this blog moved over to my permanent domain/website sometime this week, and shortly after that I should have my next segment in the Grand Lenormand translation completed (the first four cards from the suit of Hearts).

I’ve also been very busy trying out new things with my camera, mainly macro shots.  So far I’ve been mostly working with flowers mainly to get the technique down.  Flowers are another ‘No-No’ category for iStock since they’re overloaded with them.  But they do provide great learning subjects.  Here’s a shot of a tiny bug on a lobelia flower – I didn’t even know the bug was there until I started looking over the shots in Lighroom!



I hope all is going well in your world, and hopefully by this time next week I’ll have the blog fully settled into its new home! Enjoy!

A denial so quick I think my head is still spinning!  So I made my third submission attempt with iStockphoto, and quickly received my third denial e-mail.  I submitted my photos a little after 10PM and got my denial notice by 10:20PM!  WOW!

The feedback was basically that all of the pics were too similar in composition.  And in iSp’s defense, they were all ‘tabletop’ type photos.  At least I didn’t get dinged on technical aspects, which is where I’ve been having some issues (focus, lens aberrations, etc.).  And all of the pics had good composition, but they were too similar in composition.  I also took a big risk in submitting a ‘pet photo,’ which is a huge ‘No-No,’ but I couldn’t resist, it was such a good photo!  At least I didn’t get the dreaded ‘too snap-shot’ line this time.

Now I have to wait 2-weeks before I can make another submission.  In a way that is a good thing, since I will be on vacation for a week visiting family up in Utah.  Unfortunately I won’t have time to visit any of the gorgeous State and Natl. Parks there, but I think I will still have some good photo ops there.

Here’s what I submitted to be denied in record time!

Acoma Pots
These are authentic Native American pots from Acoma Pueblo. I purchased these several years ago when visiting ‘Sky City.’

This is my cat, Persephone (Percy). I took this awhile ago, and never submitted it because of the ‘No Pets’ rule for iSp, but I’ve always really liked this photo, it really stands alone in my many hundreds of cat photos – I have three cats, so I take lots of pics of them.

Road Runner Kachina - Navajo
Finally, this is an authentic Navajo Kachina Roadrunner doll.  I bought this, along with several other Navajo kachinas, many years ago from an Indian market when I lived in Albuquerque, NM.

Oh well, off to Utah I go. Maybe I’ll figure this photo/microstock thing out eventually, but at this rate I’ll probably be retired from my “real-job” before I get accepted anywhere 😛

Hope y’all have a great Easter – Enjoy!

I don’t know what’s happened to Amazon since the beginning of 2013, but their normal level of service is way, WAY below par compared to the past decade+ that I’ve been a Prime subscriber.  I (easily) spend over $10k/year with Amazon Prime for the last ten years, and nothing like this has ever happened on such a consistent level.  Sure, they’ve dropped the ball a couple of times, but every order I’ve made since January (45 orders in all) has been botched in some way.  Usually it’s shipped late, sometimes very late (so-called “Prime” deliveries, which are supposed to only take 2 days max, taking over a week to arrive?).

Case in point, I made several Prime orders, 5 in all, that are supposed to be delivered tomorrow, three still show “Shipping Soon.”  The way things have been going, those items won’t really show up until Monday or Tuesday – 6-7 days AFTER they were ordered, and 3-4 days AFTER they were supposed to arrive.  I’m supposed to be going on vacation next week, and need these items before I go, too bad I can no longer rely on Amazon for timely, PRIME 2-day delivery.

When I first moved to Las Vegas a couple of years ago, I would regularly get my Prime deliveries the next day, since several of their warehouses are near here. And once in a while I even received the shipment the same day! I was loving it!  Now I’m lucky if the order even says it’s been shipped within 48 hours, let alone delivered in that time frame.

I’m not sure what they’ve changed, but I’ve already given them 45 orders this year and my Prime membership comes due in May.  If things don’t at least get back to “normal” (Prime shipments actually being *delivered* within 48 hours), I don’t think I’ll be renewing my Prime subscription.  It’s very unfortunate that their service has so suddenly gone down the hole.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to get it off my chest since it’s really been bugging me the last several weeks, with each subsequent order confirming the downward trend in their service.  Hope y’all are having better luck.

Since I’m new to this, I was pretty sure I was going to get denied again.  Mainly because I don’t shoot what they “need.”  What they need/want is people – people doing anything. Well, I generally don’t like people – that’s the whole reason my career path is IT.  I love helping people solve problems and I love teaching people new things, but I hate social situations and I despise “directing” or managing people.

So, as a photographer, I’ve always concentrated on landscape, architecture, gardens, and pets. Stuff that microstock houses are apparently overwhelmed with and don’t want.  They also don’t want artsy fartsy “fine art” shots, nor abstracts – two more of my favorite subjects.

Here are what I submitted for my second round to iStockphoto:

The above tree reminded me of a snake crawling up the building. The building is the CSN Library on the Charleston Blvd. campus in Las Vegas.

This is a cluster of quartz crystals sitting on a black onyx mirror.

And finally, another building on the CSN campus, I just kind of liked the whole color and rectilinear vibe going on here.

They’re all a bit abstract, which is probably why I was denied. Again.  Now the wait period is 7 days instead of 3, so I’ll have to figure out what else to try.  The feedback this time wasn’t as useful either – mainly too “snap-shot” and “not what we need, see our ‘need list.’ ”   Dunno about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen “snap-shots” like the above.  Oh well, on really looking them over, I can concede that they’re somewhat common compositions for photography students.

Guess I’ll try again in a week! 🙂  Hope your week is great! Happy Spring!

Nine of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card exerts influence on neighboring cards. It often foretells of health problems, nervous tension, or psychological problems.

The Letter E
: Nervousness, Inspiration, Independence

Floral Arrangement: Willowherb [Epilobium], Blueberry, Rose of a Hundred Leaves/Petals [Rosa × centifolia]
Interpretation: You’re preoccupied with the health of a friend because you know the situation is not very good. Send them your good vibes or give them a little of your time.

Large Subject: Isis brings news to Helen who is occupied with embroidery.
Interpretation: Someone you know is obligated, at their great regret, to cause pain to those they love. They have no choice and they cannot do otherwise. It is very probable that this action they take will be very difficult for them to accomplish.

Bottom Right Subject: The arrows of Hercules.
Interpretation: Someone you know is feeling guilty for something they have done. It will be required to reflect in order to avoid the worst. In this situation, you must remain neutral and don’t intervene, other people will do it for you.

Bottom Left Subject: Achilles receives from Thetis, his mother, the weapons of Vulcan.
Interpretation: You will take an action that will be considered an error. Be very careful, because this kind of mistake can lead to your loss. You have time to reflect before proceeding, therefore think long and hard on the consequences.

Constellation: Aries
Interpretation: It announces a well supported, high flying time.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Helen, you may be anxious or depressed. This wave of blues works against your projects and challenges your skills. You have time to consider taking action, or wait for a better time.

Ten of Spades [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents the end of a earlier difficult period consisting of drastic changes in your life. At the same time, it brings frustration and sadness [desolation].

The Letter X
: Illusion, Ambivalence

Floral Arrangement: Garcinia [Monkey Fruit, Garcinia cambogia], Saxifrage, Grass
Interpretation: If someone is looking to block your way, either out of jealousy or another interest; the will quickly be neutralized in their actions.

Large Subject: Laverne, the goddess of thieves, is accompanied by wolves.
Interpretation: This card represents theft, the loss of material goods. Beware, therefore, of theft where business affairs grant large benefits to your associates. You may be deprived of some of your own benefits if you are not careful.

Bottom Right Subject: A woman steals an object from a drawer.
Interpretation: You are at great risk of betrayal by someone in whom you have placed all confidence. Certain indiscretions will be made against you. You will be the focus of treacherous talk.

Bottom Left Subject: A fox devours a chicken
Interpretation: You are being closely watched, for the sole purpose to play you a fool. Your behavior, your comportment, and your success is worrisome to some people who are beginning to be jealous of you.

Constellation: Vulpecula – The Fox
Interpretation: Difficulties finally surmounted.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

You must put your affairs in order, and at the same time monitor those around you. Be on your guard, someone is looking to betray or steal from you. You will be deceived or betrayed if you do not exercise caution and rigor.

Jack of Spades [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents an enemy, a rival who never prevents harm. Equally, this card may represent a dark man under the age of 30.

The Letter L
: Analysis, Initiative, Sociability

Floral Arrangement: Periwinkle, Wallflower, Veronica
Interpretation: A long lost friend will reappear in your life to ask for your help. Don’t be too reluctant because this relationship will be beneficial.

Large Subject: With a balance in hand, a philosopher weighs the materials.
Interpretation: This card represents a young dark man looking for success, more through his hard work than by a lucky break. It also represents justice in some cases. Additionally it can represent a 50/50 chance.

Bottom Right Subject: A man in front of a judge.
Interpretation: You’re living with a great sense of injustice. You may be the victim of legal proceedings which don’t give any results. You’ll do anything to restore justice for yourself and for others.

Bottom Left Subject: A judge gets between two individuals.
Interpretation: You’re going to receive a proposition. This proposal may not be what you expected, but it would be good to accept it. It is completely in your interest to accept the arrangements proposed to you.

Constellation: Perseus
Interpretation: Rewards after effort.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like the philosopher who learns to weigh the pros and cons with his balance, you will need to make same judgments. You are in a situation where you can only accept the equitable propositions given to you. Don’t be resistant to the agreements offered to you.

Queen of Spades [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents a female celebrity, widowed or divorced who behaves in a very rigid way. Additionally, it can represent a jealous woman or a hypocrite.

The Letter U
: Generosity, Sincerity, Spirituality

Floral Arrangement: Acacia and Holly
Interpretation: Whether on a professional or personal level, you should be discreet because of a risk that some information now revealed may return to be used against you.

Large Subject: Isis discovers Osiris dead and hidden under a flowering tree.
Interpretation: This card represents a widow or divorced woman. It also represents loneliness, solitude, and sadness. Additionally it can mean a time of deep introspection or meditation.

Bottom Right Subject: Isis receives a visit.
Interpretation: You will be assisted and helped by an aged person. This person will give you very good advice. (S)He will console you in these difficult times.

Bottom Left Subject: A man replenishes an oil lamp.
Interpretation: The loss of a friend or confident plunges you into a time of solitude. You must prepare yourself for this possibility. Know that sometimes it is not detrimental to find yourself alone.

Constellation: The Southern Cross
Interpretation: Trust maintained

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Isis who cries when discovering her dead husband, you will be faced with a time of great sadness or loneliness. Therefore, there is an ordeal to work through over the coming weeks, you must prepare yourself. But don’t forget that this card always remains a positive force on the spiritual level.

King of Spades [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents a man of justice or the law, but possibly a doctor in certain readings. It often represents a man with power or authority.

The Letter S
: Responsibility, Good Business Sense

Floral Arrangement: Tulip, Chinaberry Tree (Cape Lilac), Balisier
Interpretation: Convinced that the actions of one of your friends do not correspond to your morals, you will sever your ties of friendship with this person.

[ NOTE: Balisier can refer to two very different plants: Heliconia (common name; “Lobster Claws” and sometimes cited as “Balisier rouge”) OR Canna indica/edulis, a type of Canna lily – To me, the illustration looks much more like a Canna lily than “Lobster Claws” which have a very distinctive look]

Large Subject: Menes, pharaoh of Egypt, presides over a plea.
Interpretation: This card represents a man of middle age, widowed or divorced. Additionally it can also represent a judge or lawman. One thing is certain, it often announces legal problems.

Bottom Right Subject: A lawyer delivers a sealed letter.
Interpretation: Justice is going to enter into your life through a legal process or a divorce. You will need to present yourself before a judge to settle a dispute. Your career may suffer due to this process.

Bottom Left Subject: A prisoner behind bars.
Interpretation: You have, or will have problems with the law. You may lose at trial or a pending case. If you have debts, you must pay them quickly before running into legal problems.

Constellation: Ardens (Ardent/Coals) ou (or) Porte des Hommes (Door of Men)
Interpretation: Arrival of a new equilibrium.

[Note: There are two possibilities here, one source ( ) says the modern equivalent is Corona Borealis – The Northern Crown, HOWEVER another says it’s Cancer from the Zodiac: clearly states “Quelques Grecs la connaissaient sous le nom de Porte des Hommes, là d’où les âmes provenaient pour pénétrer les corps à la naissance” ]

Overall Interpretation of the Card

This card represents the law in all its positive and bad implications. Certainly, it will permit settling disputes or business transactions, but don’t forget that it’s often synonymous with court trials. Now, if well placed, this card will permit a settlement.

So last Thursday I submitted my first application to one of those photography microstock companies, iStockphoto.  I passed the written test easily, but they wanted three sample images to look over before being accepted.  I hadn’t really gone through my hundreds (thousands?) of images yet to ID photos that might be “stock-like.”  So I found what I could on such short notice and submitted a photo of an old stone “pioneer” shed at my parents’ home, built back in the 1880’s – which isn’t that long ago for some areas, but considering there weren’t even any settlers in Utah until around 1850, it’s pretty old, a shot of some bark of a peach tree (also in Utah, very near the shed), and some field lights at the ginormous “All American” field park in Las Vegas.

Old Shed in Utah:


Utah Peach Tree Bark:


And finally – the oh so exciting field lights!


Needless to say, I did NOT get accepted with such lame photos.  Actually they’re OK, but probably a bit too simplistic for what they were looking for (?). They liked the shed, but it was a bit busy, and I probably should have just cropped it in much closer to the antiques sign to bring out the stone texture and maybe just include one of the rusty things on one side or the other instead of taking a shot of the whole shed.

Other feedback was more general:  that these were too “snap-shot” and did not fill a need within their “need list” of photos.  This evening I sent in three more shots that I think are much better than the above, but I leave that for the next post – when I find out what the reviewers have to say.

One thing I did notice while taking a long hard look at several of my photos was that a lot, and I mean A LOT of them were “soft-focus” or even plainly out of focus when I zoomed in to “100%” size in Lightroom.  Come to find out the camera that I’m using, a Nikon D7000 is somewhat notorious for having a pretty severe “back focus” problem.   That’s where the camera’s autofocus focuses on one thing, but when the image is actually taken by the sensor the actual focus is somewhat behind the auto-focus target.  Very aggravating to say the least, especially when you’re trying to get accepted into the photo selling biz!

In a future post, I’ll discuss what I did to fix the back focus problem, and also how I found the “sweet spot” f-stops for each of my lenses.  It’s pretty simple, but I want to convert the huge NEF/RAW files over to jpegs so I can embed them in the blog for easy reference.  Until then, have an amazing March – Spring is almost here!


5 of Spades [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents misunderstandings which provoke problems in most sectors [of life]. It announces that with some effort, you can ameliorate [improve] the situation.

The Letter A
: Autonomy, Ambition, Mastery

Floral Arrangement: Yellow Carnation, Raspberry, Arum
Interpretation: Your current preoccupations are purely artistic and aesthetic. You have good reason to allow yourself to go where the climate is most favorable for you.

Large Subject: The centaur Chiron, killed by an arrow, is metamorphosed into the sky as Sagittarius.
Interpretation: You have a tendency to rest on your laurels. Laziness or a lack of ideas will make your chances pass you by. You have the possibility to pass on your knowledge, if you do what is required.

Bottom Right Subject: A young man walks with a weight in one hand and wings on the other.
Interpretation: You must fix yourself once and for all. Stop changing your mind ceaselessly. Additionally, you risk suffering significant barriers and obstacles on the emotional level. Finally stabilize yourself.

Bottom Left Subject: A hunter without game.
Interpretation: You are in a period of blockage where nothing makes you smile. Success was expected, but the time was not for you. Be patient and don’t look to force your destiny. In time, luck will smile on you.

Constellation: Dorado [Southern Hemisphere]
Interpretation: It represents some guidelines may change in the future.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Chiron, accidentally injured and dying, you must learn to protect yourself from your surroundings. Caution is therefore recommended in all domains. Be attentive and protect yourself well in this period of difficult trials.




6 of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents a deception, a reversal of fortune. It announces that you will not be rewarded for your efforts, not to mention the delays in your affairs.

The Letter R
: Combativeness, Provocation, Impatience

Floral Arrangement: Poppy, Yew [Juniper], Cotha [no known translation – most likely a misspelling of Caltha; buttercup]
Interpretation: If you currently resent the need to distrust someone, if you doubt and cannot confide in your friend, follow your instincts.

Large Subject: The wooden horse enters the Scaean Gates of Troy, followed by warriors.
Interpretation: This card represents betrayal, deception. It puts forth the victory of a cunning ruse. Therefore, you’re at risk of being a victim of a conspiracy or a trick. Beware of well concealed conflicts.

Bottom Right Subject: Pyrrhus on horseback.
Interpretation: Don’t think all has been written. You can obtain many things you desire without it being simple fate. In any event, you are in a period of personal satisfaction.

Bottom Left Subject: Breseis kneels at the bedside of the deceased Patroclus.
Interpretation: You’re going through a quarrel or conflict that involves all of your energy. Know that nothing happening now is your fault. Unfortunately you are suffering the consequences of an error committed by others.

Constellation: Serpens [The Serpent]
Interpretation: It often represents deception.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the Trojans who find themselves beaten by the warriors, you are also at risk of suffering a defeat, unless you manage to turn the situation to your advantage. In any case, be well on your guard and never cry victory before you have attained your goal.





Seven of Spades [Group: The Hermetic Science – Alchemy]

This card represents secret fears, doubts, and internal conflicts. Additionally, it represents depressing times and great sadness.

The Letter A
: Action, Creation, Unity

Floral Arrangement: Oats, Peony, Rose Cactus (“Bastard Rose” Pereskia grandifolia)
Interpretation: If you wish to pass something by Mr. Mayor for his approval, you can make everything official. For now you manage your future.

Large Subject: The alchemist introduces the raw materials into the philosopher’s lamp.
Interpretation: This card often represents a young, black boy. But additionally, it announces and represents a union, a happy marriage, whether personal or professional. All of your projects can be realized.

Bottom Right Subject: A young woman talks with a worker.
Interpretation: There is someone in the shadows who secretly loves you. This person trusts you entirely and in the future. You have a tendency not to see those who have a certain fondness for you.

Bottom Left Subject: A young woman leaves her village.
Interpretation: You have a decision to make. You must take time to think, even if you believe you’ve found the right path. You have every chance to find yourself in a winning position.

Constellation: Cetus [The whale]
Interpretation: It brings the realization of hopes.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the alchemist who is rewarded after putting all of his hopes in one operation, you too can make wise decisions which will lead to true success. With a little patience, thought, and perseverance, success will come in the end.




Eight of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents obstacles, fractures, disputes and dilemmas. It brings difficult discussions where an impasse is predicted.

The Letter M
: Hardness, Stubbornness, Commitment

Floral Arrangement: Orchid, Candytuft, Safflower
Interpretation: You will rediscover your morale, your health problems will disappear completely. A positive field of vibration protects you.

[A note on taraspic/teraspic: Iberis sempervirens or Aurinia saxatilis Note: the French name Taraspic or Teraspic has a common name “Corbeille-d’argent”, which translates basket of (money, silver, gold) – anyways, it appears that the botanic name it is most often associated to is Iberis sempervirens, a silver leafed, white flowered plant known in the U.S. as candytuft]

Large Subject: Achilles drags the corpse of Hector in front of the walls of Troy.
Interpretation: This card declares war. Therefore, do not expect any kind of respite. This battle will be long and dreadful. Your opponents won’t do you any favors. Low blows will even be delivered in plain view.

Bottom Right Subject: The bones of Pelops
Interpretation: You will surmount fate and vanquish all obstacles presented before you. You’ll even be able to count on the aid of a woman who will be of great help to you.

Bottom Left Subject: Andromache near the tomb of her spouse.
Interpretation: You will learn some very bad news. You must remain calm because this situation is truly not good. The result of this news is mourning.

Constellation: Perseus
Interpretation: It recommends absolute distrust.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
This card is very negative, it is a warning against the wickedness and stupidity of people. But it is also a card of sadness and often foretells of death. Finally, it additionally warns you to beware of eventual health problems.

The time has simply got away from me!  I am working on the next installment of the Grand Lenormand translation, and I hope to get that posted sometime over the weekend.  Sorry for the huge delay in posting. Things have just been a bit crazy around here – in a mostly good/busy sort of way.  I will try to be much more regular with my postings in 2013.

I hope your year has been great so far, and Happy Valentine’s Day!